Good Intentions Gone

Last Sunday I set the intention to learn ALL of Vive, so that I was a bit more useful to the team, should someone need a pinch hitter.

I still haven’t taught or properly learned the current release, and feel like a bit of a tool for it. I can say it’s cuz I’m busy, but seriously, look at the lives of AR and KF who have kids and multiple jobs and family and *do* things as well as teach. So I have poor excuses.

Anywho, Sunday I did the whole thing through and did the first peak twice through.

Warmup Choreography is pretty simple, even if the music and moves are a bit funny feeling… Track two is fun, but the cueing is weird… Track three sucks big time. Hate it… Track four is okay, but I dislike the side lunge, it feels too fast and I don’t think my form is good enough in it… Track five is … eh… Active Recovery is a ok…

And then I set the intention of getting up at 6:30am every morning and doing two tracks through for 30 minutes until I learned the whole thing. Then I would have the weekend to put it all together and practice with the girls.

good intentions

I did that Monday morning, but Tuesday morning was COLD (hard frost, nearly frozen pipes), so I didn’t get up. And then the launch date was moved out a week. And I told myself I’ll get up still. Or do it at night.

But I didn’t.

So now it’s Saturday, and I’m going to spend the next two days cramming it in and focusing just on my tracks again, (3,4,6,8,10,11) and hope that I can bring my good intentions back to life and refresh frequently through the week so I don’t look like a total n00b on Friday when we train together.

Oh, and Balance, too. I have to learn that this same week. So it’s my Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions!

Nothing like a little procrastination to light the fire under your butt!!

Off I go!


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