Snap Shot

snapshotA quick recap of my week:

  • Friday: RDO (day off yay!) and got a new job (holy smokes!!)
  • Casual weekend, with much soul searching and weird dreams. Plus a nice baby shower with a few new and old friends. Girls weekend!!
  • Long weekend!! Monday off YAY! With a big new HIIT/CX workout with the girls!
  • Tuesday: Big launch of CXWorx and Vive afterwards. DOMS!!
  • Wednesday: More DOMS!! Half day of work, with second stage of root canal done in the afternoon. While laying in bed recovering, realising that I really need to get a hustle on with a few work projects before I leave and before end of financial year! Ack! 47 days! Panic stations! Balance fixed my DOMS!
  • Thursday: Feeling physically right. Stinking horrible painful miserable gonna cry at work rough as guts day in which I learned that Attack won’t fix what ails ya unless you can really blast yourself in the workout. Should not have held back. I did, however, feel heaps better once I had a good laugh.
  • Friday: in which I worked my butt off all day; was proven completely wrong that Friday fitness won’t work, and missed HIIT because I forgot my shoes and had to go home to retrieve them…(I have made fun of others for less…) but got back in time for CXWorx.

A workout EVERY DAY this week!!

A run planned for both Saturday and Sunday, plus starting Vive training in earnest this weekend. Launching in only 11 days!


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