But it’s a good hurt

After yesterday’s big HIIT Cardio and CXWorx workout, I was pretty stiff and sore. My hamstrings and adductors were pretty tight and my lower back was really stiff. Usually I experience DOMS about 36 hours after a workout, but this one got me straight away!

stiff and sore

Right there exactly!!

KF came in to work and she said that she was feeling fine in the legs (she’s way fitter than I am; she’s an Attack instructor, so the plyo work wasn’t as challenging for her as it was for me) but she said her lower back was sore too, in the same places. She also felt that the CX workout was much more challenging after it followed the HIIT than when done on its own.

It was reassuring to be on the same page with someone else who was went through the workout, especially someone so fit.

I complained about it heaps – like every time I stood up – but at the same time, it was a good hurt, you know?

Sometimes there’s a BAD sore, but this was one of those ouches that kind of make you laugh at how you put yourself through something so physically challenging, and despite hurting after it, you want to just go and do it again 🙂

HIIT me baby

Tonight was the official launch of CXWorx at the Centre. We had a great turnout, with more than 30 people to the launch. I so wish I had taken photos! Why didn’t I take pictures!? Damn! (Too busy concentrating on my core, that’s why! 🙂 )

Some of the CX moves I found easier, now that I understand them a little better. That is, I am getting more out of them and doing them more effectively.

That said, I was quite fatigued in other ways, and should have used a little less weight because I couldn’t control the moves quite as well as last time.

Anyway, we shot straight from that into Vive, and there were certainly a few times I was reminded that I had done, for all intents and purposes, three big workouts in the last 24ish hours.

In Vive, I found the hip track harder than ever – and it’s already ridiculously challenging!! And my squats and lunges were not nearly so deep as they should have been. 🙂

But it was all good, and I’m looking forward to doing it all again!

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