CX Worx

We have a new class at our centre, and we’re launching this week!

It’s CXWorx – a Les Mills program that is 30 minutes of core focus.

CX Calories

A little while ago, a few of us were able to try the class out, just CXWorx, to see what we thought of it, to help us figure out how to market it and what it’s all about.




Hardest core workout ever! 🙂

Now, CX doesn’t kill you, you don’t leave shattered, you barely break a sweat or get your heart rate up, but FAR OUT!! My abs were challenged in a massive way.

I admit, I have poor core strength in certain areas – I have fairly noticeable lumbar lordosis (I have a really arched lower back) and this means my core strength is a little imbalanced.

Functionally, I am quite strong – I can move and twist and lift and run – all which need a strong supporting core – for a long time; but certain exercises are very challenging for me, and this program really tested all of those moves and positions.

The first time we did it, we did just CXWorx and the second time we added HIIT Cardio prior to.

When I did just CX I thought ‘fack, this is the hardest core workout I’ve ever done!’

And I believed that…

Until I did it after smashing out a massive HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout!

Half the moves I thought were ‘okay’ the first time round I could barely complete this time!!

CX Stats first go

First time through. (Look, I’ve learned how to make circles and things 🙂 )

So first session was 200 calories burnt and a fairly low heart rate. The Training Effect puts this only at 2.7, which is “Maintaining” – almost “Improving” (which starts at 3).


Second Session – HIIT Cardio plus CX Worx (Look! Words and arrows and things! FUN!!)

Interestingly, I burned slightly less calories in this session – I would have thought my heart rate would have stayed a little more elevated and showed a bigger burn, but, as you can see, it did come down quite a bit, and due to fatigue, I did do a few lower options than the first time through.

For example, I didn’t do as many full option mountain climbers. I did just knee bends for awhile, and had to stop a couple of times. Last time I was able to do full mountain climbers and only had to stop once in each round for a very short time. Similarly, I struggled even more with leg drops (which are already difficult due to my lordosis) and I had to do way way less of these to ensure I didn’t hurt myself.

I also grunted a heck of a lot more 😀

After today’s workout I felt great!

The HIIT workout was really challenging and I got a big big burn from it, but I didn’t leave feeling smashed to bits. The CX actually felt like a bit of recovery, so even though I really felt my core was being blasted, I left feeling good.

There have been two minor side effects:

  1. Lower back pain – mainly fatigue – which was to be expected to some extent. I’ll have to be more cautious next time with the moves I know get at the lower back.
  2. The desire to clench my glutes. What’s that about? Is the lower back pain triggering a response to squeeze the butt to brace through my lower back? Probably, but it’s funny and I have had to occasionally remind myself to relax 🙂

I think my only comment against the program is the name. Not on theme with Les Mills “Body…” (Body Core, maybe?). I know it’s CX (Cross Training) and yes, it works (but Worx is a weird spelling), but … yeah, don’t dig the name.

However, CXWorx is a great compliment to your regular workout regime, and if you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend you check it out and see what you think!!


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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