So it’s settled then

You know I’m completely distracted when I forget to eat.

I had a small breakfast by necessity – there was only a little crust of bread left – and then was occupied all day. I had a chai latte and a biscuit at about 11, and then didn’t think about food again until at about 4:30 when I went … ‘Hey, I haven’t really eaten anything today!’

Because you see, I went to a job interview this morning.

And it went well.

Well enough that they offered me the job hardly an hour after the interview was done!

I was perfectly shocked.



Wasn’t expecting that.

But then I was faced with a decision – to accept or not.

My first instinct was just to just grab it and say YES YES YES!

But I had interviewed for another job, one that I had felt perfectly at ease with, but hadn’t heard back about, and thought that I should weigh up my options with that other job also in mind.

Although it goes against protocol and all good manners, I did ask the interviewer of that job if I needed to take that job into consideration before making my decision.

Flatly, he told me, ‘No, if you have another offer, I would suggest you accept it.’

Once again, I was perfectly shocked.

I mean, I thought I nailed that interview.

Then again, maybe I went in a little too cock-sure.

That happens 🙂

I was okay with it. It took that part of the decision out of it – there was no decision left.

Lesson learned: just go with your gut instinct.

Of course, I’m still reeling with the reality of it all.

Eight years I have been with the Leisure Centre, going from beginner learner newbie to someone that they have called on and relied on for most anything. And I actually have learned to really appreciate that feeling of being needed.

That’s selfish, I know, but I am only human, and it feels good to be needed.

And of course, I look at all the people there, the things we put in place, the things I fought for, and that I will now have to sit on the sidelines to watch happen without my input. Well, of course, that stings a bit.

But then I reflect back to April, when I resigned, and how tired I was, and how I simply could not imagine staying. There just was no alternative for me then, I was just so done, so jaded.

And it was the best thing to do. The right thing to do.I gave my word, as much as anything else, and it is important to me to be true to that.

I know that might sound strange, but I honestly think that without forcing change, then nothing will change. Despite how it looks now, I hope that my leaving opens the door up for something (someone) wonderful to happen there – who can really bring the place to life and make it shine!

In the meantime, I have 52 days to get it polished up as good as I can and have it as ready as possible for whatever comes next.

And head off myself into a new and interesting direction!



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