Spring Cleaning

Maybe it started with quitting my job.

Maybe it started with being frustrated with the dishes in the sink.

But whatever it was that started this need to cleanse, simplify, reduce — it hasn’t abated.


I have been feeling more and more frustrated by clutter and annoyed by the unnecessary.

In the last month or so, I have gone through my kitchen twice, my closet once, my office at work, all of my magazines and catalogues, my mind in a brain dump, the store room at work, and most recently, the drawers in the spare room that were housing a good amount of my excess stationery items.

This isn't mine, but I had four very similar to this. Shame :(

This isn’t mine, but I had four very similar to this.
Shame 😦

See, I have a stationery addiction. :/

Seriously, do not let me loose in a Staples store with access to money.

I complain about pen-stealers at work all the time, but I am sure I am the worst of the lot. If a pen is nice, it will live on my person for some time, until I find a new nice pen. And nice can be defined by weight, feel, colour, smoothness of writing, thickness of the line…

Yeah, I know, I have a problem.

My other stationery problem is notebooks. I love a nice notebook. Different sizes, colours, and each will have a unique purpose when I buy it. But then, when its purpose has run its course, then I have a notebook that is half-used (or less) and it is stored, stacked, boxed, set aside. And it certainly can’t be used for a different purpose than what it intended. I mean, I can’t put song lists in the same notebook as my interior design ideas.

That would just be wrong 😛

So this weekend I emptied four large drawers of stationery stuff down into:

  • a large box of e-waste for disposal
  • a shoebox of working pens, pencils, markers
  • a shoebox of ‘other’ stationery-type items, like paperclips, calculators and string
  • a shoebox of cables and connectors and electronic things that are worth holding onto
  • and a mid-sized box of paper, binders, notebooks, and cards. I also kept a small collection of cards that Mat and I have received from friends and family over the last few years. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of these will end up finding the end of their lives in the not-too-distant-future, but for now, I kept a few sentimental items.

I at least halved what I had – especially thanks to having the e-waste sorted out. How many connectors, cables, chargers, and wires can we collect in a few short years? Oh So Many!

Interestingly enough, once I was done this task, I didn’t feel done.

I felt compelled to find more things to throw away!

I did manage to find a few more things, but wow, am I in a cleansing mood or what!!

Even though it’s not spring in Australia, I really feel like everything in my life needs a Spring Clean: an airing out, a freshening up, a lightening up.

I want a fresh clean house, a clear mind, and a fresh new start.


2 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Well done! I find it so hard to throw stuff out. I like reorganising my stuff and pottering about, but when it comes to the crunch of letting stuff go I bottle it!

    • I think it gets easier the more you do it, and you don’t have to chuck everything out all at once.
      I started small, and in fact, put many things into storage to reassure myself that they are still there if I need them. Then when you start going through your storage, you’re like “oh, man, what did I hold onto that for?”
      But I must say, I’ve become far less sentimental about ‘stuff’ lately… it’s cathartic and freeing to unload the crap cluttering your life. 🙂
      Have fun with it if you do have a go at getting rid of a few things 🙂

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