Choosing a New Reader

Hey guys,

Since Google Reader shut down (big sad face) I have been using the WordPress Reader to keep up on blogs, but I find it clunky and lacking the features I liked so much about Google Reader.


A few blogs don’t update properly, and I had to unsubscribe from one because it seemed to ‘jam up’ the reader, doubling up on posts and getting more than its fair share of the screen!

So I was curious if anyone out there has found a different or better Reader to keep up to date on their blogs, or how you’re managing now?

I have, for the time being, bookmarked my favourites that I want to read most often and completely (and especially those like We Shall Have Pie, which doesn’t feed in Reader (Comments do, not Posts? What?!)) and have left the others in the WordPress list for my weekly skim read and stalking session.

So, what have you been doing since Google went down the rabbit hole?


4 responses to “Choosing a New Reader

    • Ah pooh, D, I wish I had gotten this earlier. I have downloaded Feedly. It’s pretty awesome, actually, but I can’t seem to figure out how to import my WordPress list. It just grabs Google list, so I will have to manually add other blogs. Can’t figure out how to just “add this blog”…
      Anyway 🙂 If I get sick of Feedly, I’ll give netvibes a bash.

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