And my arms still hurt!


Thursday night was the Launch of Body Attack, and I hate to miss a launch!

So, after an absence of Oh So Long from Body Attack, and having only done the first peak last time I went, I launched myself back into Attack with a bit of a vengeance.


Not only did I go (yay!), but I did the whole thing (double yay!) and did plenty of high options (woohoo girl!)… except for jacks – I don’t do high option jacks, they brutalise me!

Well, I say I did high options, but by second peak, it was only the effort that was high. Pretty sure the outcome was pretty pathetic! I was STUFFED!!

Seriously, what the hell is with Agility and that one leg hop business?! My calves and ankles were screaming for mercy! Happily, while doing the workout I didn’t have any of that distinctive PF Burn in my feet, and though they were sore the next day, a good massage with the Magic Gypsy Wand made all the difference, and I haven’t had any ongoing pain.

So my legs and feet recovered from the workout quite quickly, but what I still haven’t recovered from is the upper body workout! Didn’t do much high option there, and still, by the time we came to core and had to hover again, my arms refused to support my body weight! Oh, and those innocent looking squats with the extended arms! Egads!

This Attack is insane!! I couldn’t get over how out-of-step I was with the frenzied tempo! Tell ya what, Vive has made me slow and soft 🙂

Time to up the ante!

If my feet are going to manage a whole hour with minimal ongoing pain, then I think it’s time to bring Attack back into my life. 🙂


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