Not quite there

Although this post shows pictures of renovations underway and not quite there yet, it’s also about healing, and being not quite there yet, too.

First off, though, I am feeling much better.

I got antibiotics from a doctor and started feeling better very quickly. Today is the last day of the first round and the pain is almost gone.

I still have pain from clenching and some sensitivity to contact in the root canal tooth (not sure if I should still be feeling pain there after over a week) but can finally drink hot and cold beverages (I sure missed having a cup of tea!! Life without caffeine is highly overrated…) and have been able to eat some semi-solid food again. Toast is still too hard, but bread isn’t impossible anymore.

Friday I am supposed to go back in for the second stage of the root canal, but I am not so sure I am comfortable with it.

I have a whole list of problems with going back… but I won’t bore you with them now. Needless to say, this is one thing that is ‘not quite there’ in my life, and in fact, I’m wanting to run away and ignore it if I could!

I wanted to do Vive a few times this weekend, to learn the rest of the release, but I was still really tired, and just needed to rest. I’m still sensitive to noise and found quiet days were much more restorative for me. This is the best I have been feeling in ages, and can’t wait for my energy levels to be back to normal.

Despite how the next few photos might look, I really took it easy this weekend and did next to nothing.

But the sparky (electrician) came Friday afternoon and pulled out my old, dead oven.

It was a good old oven. I will miss it.


And now we’re left with a brick surround and pantry that need to be demolished to make space for a new stand alone stove that will eventually live on this wall.


But demolishing the surround and pantry meant relocating a lot of stuff into already full cupboards.

And that meant that all this (and a bit more than shown) was put into storage with the rest of my excess crockery and cutlery.

Seriously, how much stuff do I need?!


That took me all day Saturday to sort out!

Sunday I started the demolition. I got the shelves out. They were just resting on those rails, so that was pretty easy.


And one wheelbarrow load of bricks. The bricks knocked out really easily, but then when the wheelbarrow got full, I had no where to put them. The trailer was not around and I didn’t want to have to dump them outside and then load them back up. They were heavy and handling them once seemed like quite enough.


So that is where it got to.

Not quite there.

But moving.

And that’s the important thing:

To move, no matter how slow. To make progress, no matter how little. To make choices to make things better, and to feel proud of the little successes, in any area of your life.


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