Such a Pain…

I’ve been pretty quiet this week, mainly because I haven’t done much this week.

Young Woman with a Toothache

My tooth (the one that I avoided getting a root canal on a few weeks ago) flared up this week and has rendered me all but useless.

I had been having trouble concentrating, and remembering my Vive tracks, and clearly that’s due to the slow build up of pain. I think it was Tuesday afternoon when my mouth seemed to be set on fire and I realised my teeth were killing me again.

The week that followed included going home from work early, spending another day with my head down on my desk in between small bursts of work, and a morning in the dentists chair getting the first stage of a root canal done on tooth #16, followed by a LOT of pain and a LOT of over the counter pain relief concoctions to try and reduce the swelling and the hot slicing burning sensations that were shooting up through my jaw to my ear, and down through my jaw to my chin.

Friday night I did get some rest, and I woke up thinking the worst of it must be over, but at 10:30 the hot searing sensations came on again, and though I didn’t cry this morning, like I did yesterday, it sure brought me close.

One of the things I noticed about being in pain is just how exhausting it is. More than anything else, today, I just feel like I could sleep for days, if only I could get comfortable.

I suppose it *is* exhausting. If you’re in pain, there’s clearly something wrong, and the body has to deal with that. Even with medicines to help, your body has to deal with those chemicals, and the side effects they leave you with. I know my stomach feels ripped raw due to the over-doses of Nurofen I have been taking just to stay ‘competent’.

Plus, there’s the extra energy required to pay attention, not just to what you normally do in a day, but all the extra thought and energy you put into noticing how you’re feeling, checking if it’s time to take another dose, noting that it’s not, deciding if it’s worth it to exceed recommended doses…

It certainly has been a balancing act for me. I have gotten through several classes this week quite successfully by being liberal with the pain meds, and feeling quite awesome, thanks to increased blood flow and the wonderful endorphins that go with exercise, and then crashing badly afterwards. I haven’t been able to concentrate fully, and have been rather short-tempered as I get frustrated with myself and others, simply because I feel like all of my nerves have been exposed, not just this dumb one in a single tooth.

Today I took the morning off, and sadly that meant I missed out on a really great event, but I know I wouldn’t have had the energy to do all day, and I am needed this afternoon to teach two classes. So, this morning I have been resting up, trying to remember my tracks (without playing any music, a nice quiet environment has been very soothing) and will go this afternoon and give my all.

Luckily, I have no other commitments for the weekend and hope to rest up and feel better.

If I don’t, it’s back to the dentist, so she can put some more stuff in the tooth to get it clean and healthy and hopefully NO MORE PAIN!

4 responses to “Such a Pain…

  1. I have had 2 root canals, and I remember yelling at the dentist when I was in the midst of a flare that I would rather had been in labor 10 times over than deal with the pain!
    They are expensive, but you may as well get it over with it! The worst part is the freezing, then literally its all gravy from there!

    • Yeah, but should it still hurt 5 days after the initial treatment? It’s a big old pain in the butt. It’s really been limiting me, with physical activity firing up the jaw like crazy! So no exercise this week…
      Hmm.. maybe I need to yell at the dentist and not just cry, cuz she just said “it shouldn’t hurt anymore, it looks fine,” and then pretty much sent me off…

      • I wonder if they missed part of the root?! only because, if there truly is zero root, then there should be NO pain once the swelling has gone done!
        Hang in there!! Hopefully it ends soon! I know exactly how you feel =(

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