Top Tuesdays: Happy Canada Day!

I decided some posts are just good enough to read twice 🙂 So I am carrying on with my “Top Tuesdays” where I will re-post some of my older posts that were popular, well liked, or that I thought were particularly awesome.

This post from July 2011 was selected simply at random (literally, I hit “Random Post” and this one came up and I liked it :))

I kind of missed out on Canada Day today. It was July 1st here in Australia, and I normally like to wear something red, splash around a few maple leaves, eat some Nanaimo Bar, and generally just be a hoser, eh?

But today was a big work day. Very big. And I’m very tired. So I am going to take advantage of the time-zone/international date-line conundrum and have Canada Day tomorrow, or on Canada Day in Canada. Pancakes for breakfast anyone?

Oohh, better yet, anyone have a recipe for Beaver Tails? Nom!

So why the photo of the Terry Fox statue in Ottawa?

Well, because we had company over last night, and I was showing photos from our trip to Canada, and I ended up sharing how inspirational I found Terry Fox. What a great Canadian!

What? You don’t know who Terry Fox is?!

You better go read about him here and here.

Inspirational stuff!

I remember being just in awe of him as a kid. Yes, there were others, before and after, who actually completed the run across the country (Mark Kent 1974, Steve Fonyo 1985, and Rick Hansen 1985-1987), but he is the first I remember, and the most uplifting to me. He shattered perceptions of people with disabilities, people with cancer or illness. He basically called in to question just about everything a person ‘should’ or ‘should not’ be able to do. And when you’re seven years old, questions are the best thing in the world!

I remember thinking, as I got a little older, that too many people are running across the country, and that they were all copy-cats of Terry Fox. Like in the movie Forrest Gump, who decided to run across the country simply because he felt like running:

“Now, for some reason what I was doing seemed to make sense to people. So, I got company. And after that I got more company. And then even more people joined in. Somebody later told me it gave people hope. Now, I don’t know anything about that, but some of those people asked me if I could help them out.”

I understand now that Terry’s inspiration stirred up belief and hope in others to the point where they didn’t just look upon him as someone who can do amazing things, but as proof that they can do amazing things too – that anyone can make a difference!

So, three cheers to Terry Fox, to Canada, to questions, and to being inspired to make a difference in any way you can!

Happy Canada Day!

Updates: Because I didn’t explain it the first time, for those that don’t know, Terry Fox attempted to run across Canada. With only one leg. His distinctive hop-shuffle-run is iconic and as Canadian as Maple Syrup. Despite succumbing to cancer before reaching his goal, Terry mobilized and inspired millions of people world-wide. I think having someone inspire us is important, to prove that we can, and to help us move forward when we might think we can’t.

And also, Forrest Gump is still awesome!


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