That was great! But I’m glad it’s over…

vive 2

Although there’s still more learning to do, and still more practice to do, the Launch is over, and the worst of the anxiety that goes with presenting new material has abated.

Sunday we trained for two hours, the three of us girls, and I really had a hard time of it. I just couldn’t get my legs to do what I wanted. I couldn’t remember the very basic choreography, and I had some uncharacteristic stress attacks.

Normally I feel quite confident before a launch, especially when I put the time in like I did this time around. So, even though I feel stressed at launch, it’s a good stress, y’no? Pressure to perform, to be on high alert, to give it all…

This was not that kind of stress…

Monday morning we had a good Sneak-Peek session with our morning class.

Although Monday was an okay class, it wasn’t great. I still couldn’t get the side-bounce/step-ball-change until the third round. I just played it for fun, because most of our participants couldn’t do it either.

But I didn’t teach well. Timing all over the place. And trying to cue the bicep squat and stand, well that was just embarrassing.

Even K* left the class commenting that it was just hard work, and wasn’t fun like it should be.

I know it will get more fun and be less hard as we get more familiar with it, as things become more automatic and we’re not concentrating so much, but I had to agree.

It was hard.

Tuesday was a long day at work, and the official launch of the new Vive release. And the day I realised that part of my problem is that my teeth are killing me again. I’ve been holding back this slow headache that’s been wearing me down again… and today my jaw felt like it had been set on fire.

Looks like that root canal is coming afterall.

I had well over the recommended dose of Nurofen today. But a few minutes rest with my eyes shut, a few Nurofen, and a Berocca helped to reset me. I was much clearer minded and felt perky again!

I practised my tracks at home and felt confident with the choreography.

I taught alright. Timing wasn’t great, but I had fun. I got the side-bounce/step-ball-change. This was a big feeling of success, which rather sparked me on.

I felt confident and comfortable enough to look at the participants this time. That’s always a great sign when you’re instructing and can see the people in your class through most of it.

I know I’ve taught a few Balance releases where the choreography and cueing was complex enough in some tracks that I needed 2 or 3 times in front of class before I could look out and help specific people.

And it helped to have 20 people in the class 🙂 So awesome to have a full class!! So many new people, and a great vibe on the way out!


Now I have to get on with the business of learning the rest of Balance for the Women’s Wellness Day on Saturday, and practising the other tracks I’ll need to teach at Vive on Thursday morning.

Oh, and set a dentist appointment.

Yeah, that too…


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