Am I Allowed To Do This?

So here’s a question for the masses:

I am trying to move/travel/run 2013km in 2013.

This last two weeks, however, has been filled primarily with training for Vive and Balance, and I haven’t been getting runs in. Which sucks and despite the fact that I could get up early and get a run in, truth be told, I am TIRED and want a sleep….

So, my brain has devised a clever idea, but I’m not exactly sure if it’s Kosher or not.

If I look back at my runs, my caloric burn is also recorded against each run. And there’s a bit of a trend:

  • 1.8km averages 113 calories
  • 2-2.4km run ave 145 calories
  • 3-3.5km run = 224 calories
  • 4-4.6km run = 240 calories
  • 5km = 288 calories
  • 8km = 568 calories
  • 10km = 669 calories
  • Or, doing a bit more math, I have burned an average of 66 calories per kilometre run

So my clever idea is to equate a distance to the caloric burn of each of the last of my non-running workouts.


Makes sense, right?

Yesterday’s Vive training burned 232 calories. Can I mark down 3.5km?

Balance Launch was 361 which must be near to 6km worth of running – 5.4km!

Pump was 329, again, pretty close to about 5km (4.98km)!!

And so on and so forth.

But really, is that okay? Or is it in breach of the rules or the spirit of the game?


4 responses to “Am I Allowed To Do This?

  1. do it,
    i think the spirit of the game is to get people moving and well your definetly doing that.

    • Thanks Kristy!
      I love the affirmation! 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! So delighted to see my friends having a read!
      Hope we can catch up in July/August some time… you planning on coming west during summer holidays?

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