According to my Calculations

I asked if I am allowed to count my calories as distance run. I got one yes, and several likes, which I will totally take as yeses.

So, I did a little math.


First I calculated that 66 calories = 1km based on averages of the last 26 runs recorded with the Garmin.

Then, based on the average burn rates I have on record for each of the classes I participate in or instruct, and based on the above assumption that 66 calories = 1 km, I have worked out the following distance equivalents for each of my classes:

  • Vive = 470 calories = 7.12km
  • Balance = 361 calories = 5.46km
  • Pump = 329 calories = 4.98km
  • Konga = 100 calories (that must be a mistake, but it’s what the Garmin says) = 1.51km
  • Attack First Peak Only = 231 calories = 3.51km

Going through my list from 1st February to 5th April, I did 21 Vive classes or training sessions, 17 Balance classes or training sessions, 1 Pump, 1 Attack, 1 Konga.

Add all that up, and I get 252.34 kilometres. Added to the current run, walk, kayak distance total, I am up at a whopping 357.86km! 🙂

That’s much more satisfying.

With 269 days to go in 2013, I need to do 6.15km per day or 43.05km per week to meet the target.

With 3 Vive classes per week, 2 Balance classes, 1 Pump and 1 Attack, I can get pretty close to meeting that total each week (40.77km). If I make the rest up through actual running or kayaking or horseback riding, or even walking, I’ll be completely thrilled 🙂

To keep this perhaps a little more transparent, I will use the actual calorie calculation that the Garmin gives me when I do wear it through a class, rather than the average. I think that’s fair, right?

Yes, totally fair. 🙂


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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