RDO Busy-ness

Today I had an RDO.

That stands for Rostered Day Off.

I now get one of those once a fortnight or so due to working a few extra hours on other days at work.

It’s a sweet deal.

But I also need RDOs to help Mat out and give him a hand with his business, so it’s not like it’s a vacation.

Today I did aย  bunch of good stuff to help with his business:

  • I sat on hold for 35 minutes to get a password reset. It took 35 seconds for the problem to be solved, but I had to wait and wait and wait for it…
  • I renewed the business trading name
  • I paid bills
  • I sorted his filing system out (that could spell disaster, I know, but I promise I was careful)
  • I emptied his inbox (he keeps every email forever, even the junk mail)
  • I ran around picking up bits and pieces from various shops
  • Dropped a load of rubbish at the tip (I was way too pretty to be at the tip… but these things can’t be helped)
  • I bought Mat a new phone so he’s now in the modern era with a smart-phone. And has already checked his email on it (he swore he would never need such a device in his life)
  • I bought various office supplies
  • I brought him some food (the man does not eat when at work… he’s a very bad man)
  • I printed some documents and ran them to him at work so he could order parts

Really, I saved him about 3 hours of running around or sitting on the phone, and he actually got a little ‘real’ work done.


Look at me, all productive and officey (by the way, that’s not me.)

These RDOs could really work out!

But it wasn’t all for him – I did some stuff for me too!

  • I did the dishes – and I have a whole separate blog post coming on the dishes … I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, it’s going to be worth it!
  • I did LOTS of Vive training – why can’t I step ball change anymore?! It’s a core move of 80s Jazz Dance. I thought I had it, and then I watched myself in the mirror…. I was wrong!! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I responded to several work emails, and work phone queries
  • I made bread
  • I organised an electrician to come take out my old wall oven (he’ll be here next week),ย and
  • chatted with friends.

It may not have exactly been a rest day, but I really really needed this day.

I still have a lot to do on my list, but now I have the rest of the weekend to tackle other jobs, do more Vive training, and get all those standard weekend things (laundry, floors, etc) done, without trying to squeeze in all the stuff I did today into it.

Next week I have an RDO again, and I’ll be able to help even more because Mat’s teaching me how to process his invoices, so once I take that task off his hands, once again, it puts more time in his day to actually weld and build things!

Win-win situation, right? ๐Ÿ™‚


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