Super Launch Extravaganza!


Today was all about Launches! New releases of Pump and Balance.

I hate to miss a launch.

So, despite being quite terrified of doing Pump prior to a Balance launch, I simply had to go! I used to do Pump and Balance back-to-back all the time, but somehow fell out of the habit…

How did that happen?!

… and this current Balance is quite strong and challenging.

But I was excited about the Launches too, and got a little excited with the room decorations. Sometimes we blow up balloons and put them around the stage, but they seem sort of cheesy. And we often put up the banners for the relevant class launches.

But that just seemed ho-hum.

So today C* and I went a little crazy with the posters and blu tac.20130403-211806.jpg


Looks good, right?


Anyway, Pump was awesome, and a little bit freakish! Holy smokes!

Have you done the plyometric squat jumps on the step?!

I did all of round one, but missed the last four step jumps. My legs just shuddered underneath me and I knew I wouldn’t make it all the way up onto the step, so I had to do some plain old squats instead.

Next time.

Balance was great, but I did stuff up my lefts and rights at one critical point and had people all over the place for a minute.


I think I’ll be adding Pump back into my schedule. It’s fun, and I know it’s going to get me some awesome results!

But it’s late. I’m toast! Time to go to bed!


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