All Kinds of Birds

So, I’m learning the new release of Body Balance, and there’s a new move in there, which they are calling “Bird in a Basket” which progresses to “Bird in Flight”.

This has led me to become fully obsessed with the pose.

Searching the internet has revealed that there are many names for these poses, so here’s a few photos and links to how to do this, because I can *kindof* get there, but then I fall over.

So, first, check out this lovely image of “Crow Pose” or “Crane Pose”, which we refer to as “Bird Pose” in Balance. This is the sort of ‘taster’ or precursor move.

Okay, so I can do this pose. Nice!

But then they take you down and ask you to put your hands behind your legs into “Bird in a Basket” or “Shoulder Pressing Pose.” So here’s what’s it’s *meant* to look like:

And this pose can turn into an inverted pose (you end up on your head), or, as suggested in the Balance release, into “Bird in Flight” or “Firefly” pose:

So, I have managed to get to the point of legs over arms, and lifting one foot, then the other, off the floor, but when I lift both, I fall over backwards.

I blame my ample derriere 😛

So, no basket yet, and certainly not flying just yet.

But I do hope to get there before the end of this release!

But, hey, just when I thought “This must be the HARDEST pose they have ever tried!” check out some of the other arm balancing poses that are out there:

Check out this one:

Piece of cake, right? LOL

Maybe one day.

But I can’t sit here propped on my elbows all day! I have 5 tracks to learn in a few days.

Vive will be next, and then C is away for a week, so I will have to nail the last 5 tracks of Balance the following week.

So plenty of extra training to do over the next few weeks!

So, I’ll either be silent or incessantly chattering about the progress!


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