Do Over Decade

In the spirit of Do-Overs, I have decided to put a stop to turning 40 and just turn 30 with 10 years experience.

Yes! I am going to Do Over my 30s!

Let’s consider the last few decades:

  1. First decade – 0-10 – nice, but spent much of it helpless and uncommunicative. Will revisit those in my 90s or later, so won’t focus on them now
  2. Second decade – 10-20 – I moved into my teens – angst, boys, hormones, angst, rebellion. Embarrassing personal choices. Yeah, no, not keen to go back to that just now, thanks anyway.
  3. Third decade – 20-30 – realising how stupid some of those embarrassing personal choices were. Growing up, gaining independence, being emotionally crushed by the reality of love and life and divorce. Living hand-to-mouth trying to develop a career. Come careening towards 30 with the vague notion that there really should be more to life than this. Making more embarrassing personal choices, but fewer…. This decade was: Fun. Gut-wrenching. Too hard. Too painful. Not going back. You can’t make me.
  4. Fourth decade – 30-40 – deciding you can’t wait for life to come to you, you have to go to it. Making choices for yourself. Career path actually opening up and making a difference to how you live. Learning new things, meeting new people, setting and meeting massive goals. Understanding what is important to you – personally – and not worrying so much about what other people think. Not being embarrassed by personal choices (not as often anyway). Being more in control of life and love. Living with comfort and freedom and support.

Let’s face it, my 30s were good to me. I moved to Australia – thank you Oz! – met a wonderful man, and live a comfortable life. I have horses, and choices and options, and I am mostly happy most of the time. I will gladly do that over. Set and meet more big goals. Grow and change and learn. Feel settled, safe and be open to the possibilities.


I will not ‘grow old’ just yet. I will keep going as long as my body is okay with me going. I will keep learning as long as my mind continues to absorb the information. I am not going to declare myself “done”. I am going to do it over, and do it even better. 🙂


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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