E, Z and Me Go Paddling

E and Z did show up on Sunday afternoon, and we headed back out for a paddle. This one was a little more leisurely than the previous one I had done on my own.

And I got to play a lot more with my new water proof camera. The only real problem with it is that the resolution is pretty poor, particularly when you zoom (it’s only a digital zoom). But the good news is you can get it wet, you can take photos and videos, and it didn’t cost me much at all šŸ™‚

Here’s our maps and a few happy snaps! What a beautiful day!




The water level has dropped quite a lot thanks to a long hot summer, so even more of these ghost trees are showing now. And the high water mark is about 2 feet above the current level… 100_0042

Z *had* to stand up today.

100_0045 100_0046 100_0057

Look at that perfect reflection!


When we were ‘done’ we weren’t really done. So we sat in our kayaks at the beach and just chatted for ages and ages, until it was just about sunset.Selection_033 We took our time, as you can see – 3.1km/h versus the 5ish that I did solo. Then again, our max speed wasn’t far off that…Selection_034

But see how often we stopped and took photos?



It was a great day – the day before my birthday and a lovely afternoon. I got a great present and had an awesome visit.



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