Do Over

This week isn’t going so well.

I totally call for a Do Over!


I haven’t been completely inactive: I’ve done Vive three times and Balance once, and the first peak of Attack (which felt AWESOME doing a good mix of high and low options, just hoping my feet are okay!!)

But that’s a far cry away from what I was hoping to do, so far missing 4 of 6 runs.

I also chickened out and failed to call the dentist this week to get some x-rays and make the final decision if the root canal is needed or not.

That’s probably bad.

This week was just so busy. I had meetings galore, plus we had heaps of bookings, and things to set up and tear down and it just never seemed to stop. And the possums on the roof have been having big fights around 3am, waking us up the last couple of nights.

(The odd plus side of being woken up in the middle of the night by fighting possums is that I realised that though I don’t grind my teeth, I do bear down and grit my teeth. No wonder my mouth hurts!)


I bet Wolverine has terrible headaches ….

It should be quiet Friday, and I plan to start again – runs, call the dentist, and generally just catch up and start my Do Over. Saturday will be a quiet morning at home, doing invoices in the afternoon, and Sunday E* and I are going kayaking.

If I squeeze in a horse back ride, it’ll be the perfect weekend.

Things happen, life gets in the way sometimes, but it’s never too late to start again, get back in the saddle, and do it over!


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