Tuesdays Workouts

Here’s how things looked Tuesday.

First I decided to go for a run after work and before Vive. I was interested to see if the pre-class run would up my caloric burn for the evening, plus, I really wanted to get a run in.

My run was meant to be 4 minutes race pace (aiming for 12kph) and 2 minutes easy run repeats.

I couldn’t really decide where to run, I was a bit bored of my regular route, so I decided to go somewhere I haven’t run before – or at least in so long I couldn’t quite remember the way.

After my run, I went and taught Vive, followed by most of Konga. I didn’t reset my Garmin in between each workout, so as you can see, I ‘ran’ all over the Leisure Centre, thus causing the silly red squiggle at the top of the map.

Hmmm… remember, next time reset in between each workout.


This was my actual run course.

I ran past the old oval and down some tracks I haven’t been down in ages. I even ended up going cross country a bit as there were fences in places I don’t remember there being fences…


I really only ran 4km in about 30 minutes, including my warm up of 5 minutes (which was longer than planned because I set the timer wrong – I set it for 3 hours, not minutes. Yeah, blond much?)

Anywho, the three workouts combined burned 972 calories, which I thought was cool. But because I am a tool, and didn’t reset between each workout, I don’t know what the burn for each portion was.

Lesson learned.


Apparently, if you don’t reset in between each workout, the computer still thinks you’re running, even if you’re inside, and must take some sort of reading from the movement of my wrist or something, because it thought I was running up a storm!!

Look, my max speed is 20.9kph!! Far out I am FAST πŸ˜›

Selection_020 Selection_021

Here’s the timing chart for the whole thing, but as you can see, it was making things up after my run.Selection_022

This is really the relevant portion of the pacing chart.

As you can see, my 4 minutes race pace, 2 minutes steady really didn’t quite look like a consistent fast/slow, but more of a quick slow down, quick slow down. I got up around the 12kph mark a few times, but couldn’t maintain it.


My average pace for the run wasn’t too bad, actually, considering that it was run/jog/walk, and I was going along some fairly rough trail sections. They are all still around that 6 minute kilometre, but I think if I keep doing these little interval/speed play training sessions that I will definitely get faster.


The Heart Rate Data looks good though, eh? I was up above 70% most of the time, through all three workouts.


Unfortunately, between these workouts and a long couple of weeks and work and having just fought off a cold last week, and a million other things, too, probably, I ended up killing myself and am quite sick and run down. Wednesday and Thursday have been so hard.

And once again, I’m in that “I’m not so sick I can’t do stuff, but I’m not really well enough to be effective” kind of sick place. Plus I just hate admitting defeat!

Was this workout what tipped me over the edge?

I mean, I felt AWESOME Tuesday night. I thought Vive was incredible, and Konga was super-fun. I slept well.

And then I went KA-BOOM! 😦

Anyway, taking a rest day tomorrow, and hoping to be back in tip-top shape for the weekend … and if not, at least for Monday!


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