Top Tuesdays – Treadmill Desk?

I decided some posts are just good enough to read twice 🙂 So on Tuesdays I am going to do a little feature called “Top Tuesdays” where I will re-post some of my older posts that were popular, well liked, or that I thought were particularly awesome.

This post from October 2011 got the most views of any on my whole blog so far.

Here’s the original post link: and the original post:

This morning I had to go in to open up at work at 6am. And since I work at the rec centre, where there’s a gym, I thought this would be a good opportunity to get an early morning workout in.

But that place is also my ‘work’ and work thoughts plagued me.

I Must Complete The Dreaded Roster!!

I started this roster over a week ago and it’s still not done, and there are about 20 people waiting for this to be done so they can plan their fortnight.

So I decided to multi-task. (I know that multi-tasking is on the way out (single-tasking is now all the rage), even though it was the thing to do up until very recently.) But whatever. I could either sit at my desk and mull over the staff schedule, or I could do it while walking on the treadmill.

I usually don’t like to read or even watch tv while on the treadmill, but a series by Huffington Post awhile back, where they got several of their reporters to work a full day on a treadmill desk, was really interesting, so I thought I’d try it!

I propped up my papers and got out a pen and started walking at the no-so-brisk pace of 2km/hr. (One of the major comments from the Huffington Post people was that you really had to walk much slower than you would normally, and adjust pace frequently for different levels of concentration – more thought needed, slow down, easier routine task, speed up.)

Anyway, it didn’t take long to feel pretty comfortable with it, and I got up to a whopping 2.5km/hr if you can believe it! And in 20 minutes I had the roster done! I don’t know if it would have taken more or less time sitting at my desk, but I felt chuffed about doing it while going for a walk. Two good things at once! I like that!

I set my pen down and decided to jog for the last 10 minutes, got a decent sweat up, and managed to do a total of 2.6km in 30 minutes. Not bad when the first 20 minutes registered about half a kilometer.

It’s not a work station, it’s a WALK station! 🙂

I think it would be really interesting to try a real treadmill desk!

I mean, on one hand part of me is thinking, “Yeah, but 2.5kph isn’t really doing that much for your health and fitness.” Certainly, this pace isn’t going to get me ready to run a marathon.

But on the other hand, moving at a slow and steady pace for several hours a day is going to do so much more for caloric burn, for your posture, and general energy levels, than sitting slumped over in a chair all day. (Check out a few other benefits here.) And I think moving is a great way to improve your mental capacity!

Often, after a hectic day, I find a great amount of clarity when I go for a run. I realise things that seem obvious when I am running that weren’t obvious before. Maybe it’s the rhythm? Maybe it’s because I’ve taken myself out of the fray and my mind is more relaxed? Maybe walking on a treadmill and working wouldn’t result in as much thought flow and clarity, but maybe it would help?

What do you think? Would you try a treadmill desk? Have you tried one? What did you think?

Update/edit 17/02/2012 – This post has turned out to be one of the most popular on my blog! So when I came across another blogger who actually HAS a treadmill desk, I thought I would share her post! I hope you also enjoy Jenn’s Treadmill Desk post from Fit Bottomed Girls.

Updates: This post got a follow-up comment about a Bike Desk, and this led to a bit more research and some nice links:

I have seen a few images for these types of things, but you’re right, none seem terribly ‘right.’ It seems a simple idea to be able to park your bike on a stationary trainer, and have a desk in front of you.

There’s this recumbent one I’ve seen at but it doesn’t look very comfortable. And this one you can ‘park’ your bike at but doesn’t look like it’s really designed for you to cycle at: though maybe you could just fit your trainer in there and be off!? But maybe all you really need is some sort of clip-on desk for your handle bars? If you invent it, I know three people who would buy it today! :)

But no one has linked through that I can tell on those ones.

This post continues to get more hits on my page, and more click throughs, than any other. I think I may have done something ‘right’ because it seems to come up pretty high on Google searches for “Treadmill Desk”. This post has received 1,656 hits in the life of my blog, and the next best is 101! No typo, that’s right! From thousands down to hundreds! Wowsa!

Intrestingly, it has received only one ‘like’ in all that time and all those thousands of hits.

So, right topic, good links, but not a good post? What do you reckon?


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