The Song Remembers When

We own a car that we can play CDs in now. It’s been years since we’ve had anything but local radio or ABC on AM while travelling.

I know, we’re terribly behind the times.

Everyone else has bluetooth and wifi and iPods and probably heaps of other things I don’t know the first thing about, but we are stoked to just be able to play CDs again.

We have a fairly hefty CD collection. It’s old though. Most of the CDs are over 10 years old. (Gosh, and I can remember my FIRST CD, when they first came out and that was a heck of a long time ago….. but I digress…)

Many of the CDs in our collection were ones I brought over from Canada with me, including several mixed CDs (hey, at least it’s not a mixed TAPE, right? 🙂 ) and of those, there are definitely a few that bring back so many memories, I almost wonder if it’s better to never play those songs again.

It’s like opening up a box full of memories, opening up that CD case…


I mean, I can remember even sitting at the computer with F* and B* and compiling two of them, arguing over the relative quality and talent of the artists, being made fun of for having ‘pop commercial music’ tastes, and me making fun of them for thinking that they were cool just because no one has ever heard of the artists they like.

There are songs that just bring back a memory and a feeling that is nearly as fresh as when it happened.

It’s like being transported to a place and time that really left a mark on your soul. The moment plays like a movie in fast-forward in your head and heart, and the song is the soundtrack to those memories.

It could be a ‘nothing’ moment, too; a face, a smile, a touch. Or something more detailed, a drive and that road and that song, friends around a fire, a joke you can’t remember anymore, but the uproarious laughter that followed. Some songs are for people: many ex-boyfriends have a song, and not an ‘our song’ song, but a song that captures them or us or the end of us. And sometimes it’s really just the feelings, the love and the loss, the happiness and the pain.

And sometimes it’s all of them at once.

Bitter-sweet sometimes, eh?

Sometimes I miss the people and places I left behind, even though I know there’s no going back – there are no do-overs.

I guess it’s nice to have those memories, to know those floodgates of feeling aren’t dead and dried up. I think there’s a sort of pleasure in knowing that anything might have touched you so deeply that years and years and years later, it still matters, it still means something to you.

Here are a few of the songs that have the biggest emotional connection for me, in no particular order, and by no means complete, but maybe if these people are reading they’ll understand why 🙂

  • I have an ex P* and the song that always reminds me of him is Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’
  • My ex husband is ‘Push’ by Matchbox 20.
  • My friend K* is ‘A Case of You’ by Joni Mitchell (thank you for taking me to your concert/recital and introducing me to Big Red who sang this song – I had never heard it before and I loved it and still love it.)
  • My friend J* is ‘Personal Jesus’ by Depeche Mode.
  • My sister is ‘New Orleans is Sinking’ by The Tragically Hip and also Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ (remember dancing like mad at that tiny little pub with the Edmonton girls? God those were good times…)
  • Mat is ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ by Hunters & Collectors.
  • My cousin J* is ‘Glory Days’ by Bruce Springsteen (we played it non-stop one summer while cruising in her very cool T-Bird! Oh yeah, that was a sexy car!!)
  • Pretty much anything by the Butthole Surfers and Cake remind me of F* (oh how I miss him)

What about you? Do people, places, moments have theme songs? Do you have a lot of memories packed into your iPod or CD collection?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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