Sprintervals and Technology Problems

This morning I had Sprint Intervals planned for my morning run.

In anticipation of this I downloaded an interval timing app, GymBoss. I used a ‘real’ GymBoss, back when there weren’t apps around, so I knew the name and thought it’d be the best choice.

I programmed my 30 second sprint, 1 minute walk x 12 into the timer, tested it so I knew what the chime sounded like and popped my phone into my arm band.

After a 4 minute warm up in a cool and moist morning, I whip out the phone, set my timer, and then lock the screen and pop back into my armband.

And then … nothing happened.

I flicked it back on, and it beeped.

“Oh I was just a few seconds early, too much anticipation”

Lock screen, pop in arm band, run.

and Run

and Run….

and Nothing.

Open it back up and it starts timing again.

It seems that this app only works when the screen is active.

Now, since my iPhone mobile armband holder hasn’t arrived yet (come on eBay!!) I only have a little solid arm pouch.

But no biggie right?

Pop it in but because the screen is active it mucks up the app, switches screens, and my run is NOT happening!

Most apps run in the background and beep anyway, don’t they?

My basic timer/stopwatch does. My old interval timer on my old phone (RIP old phone, I miss you!) did. So I was MOST disappointed that this one did not do the same.

Instead I used my watch and did it the old fashioned way.

Watch and count.

It was a good run.

Though as I got into the later intervals that minute walk got VERY short!

Check out my favourite timing chart EVER:



It’s like a disco in blue!

No, I don’t know why it feels like a disco to me, that’s just what popped into my head. 🙂


Selection_011Selection_012  Selection_013 Selection_015

Be still my little heart 😛


A steady 30 minutes planned for tomorrow.

It’s been a long day, and a long week, so it’s time for bed!


3 responses to “Sprintervals and Technology Problems

  1. I have the gym boss app to and was dissappointed when I discovered it had to be on the entire time, and I’ve tried to hold it in my hand while I do sprints and it will close on me or I’ll hit the stop button by accident and have to start all over. Hopefully you armband will work out.

    • Have you found an alternate program yet?
      My old timer was an Andriod app, and now that I’m on iPhone, I can’t find the same one. In fact, I can’t quite remember the name, but I have a vague recollection of the logo and screen shot. But that doesn’t help at all, does it.
      Carrying the phone is a big pain in the bum when you’re running. I really don’t want to have to be paying attention to it then. Heck, I don’t even want to bring it with me – someone might call me! Iew!

  2. Tina, I found an app simply called “Interval Fitness Timer” and it works with lock screen. It’s free, and it seems to have the basic functionality I want. The real test will be in the morning when I go for my run. 🙂

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