Top Tuesdays – My Big Return to Running

I decided some posts are just good enough to read twice 🙂 So on Tuesdays I am going to do a little feature called “Top Tuesdays” where I will re-post some of my older posts that were popular, well liked, or that I thought were particularly awesome.

This post from December 2012 got the most likes of any on my whole blog so far.

Here’s the original post link: and the original post:

I announced my return to running in November, and so far, here are the runs I’ve recorded:

  • 10 Nov – 1km – 7:03
  • 25 Nov – 1km – 7:42
  • 26 Nov – 1 km – 5:57
  • 3 Dec – 1km – 5:58
  • 10 Dec – 1.8km – 12:12 (10 minutes continuous running, 2 minutes walking)
  • 15 Dec – 3km – 22:55 (treadmill – 3 minutes walking warm up, 10 minutes @ 9kph, 2 minutes walk, 5 minutes @ 10kph, 3 minutes walk cool down)
  • 16 Dec – 4 km – 28:16 (10 minutes run, 2 minutes walk, 10 minutes run, remainder walk to end of track to cool down)


I am trying to build myself up both in time and distance in a sensible way – avoiding further injury.

Looking at those trends, not only am I not running consistenly enough, I think the jump from 1.8 to 3 to 4 might be just a bit quick, and might pose a risk for re-inflaming the plantar fasciitis in my feet, so I am going to slow down the progressions a bit, and get running on a more regular schedule.

Originally, I was just going to try to build distance (time would naturally increase) but I have found that time is better for managing my plantar fasciitis. Right now I am focusing on 10 minute increments, with walking breaks to assess where my feet are at.

The last run, which had two 10 minute runs in it, was at the edge of my comfort zone. The last two minutes were a bit challenging. So clearly, 20 minutes of impact is just a shade too much right now.


I was hoping to go up to 15 minute increments next week, but think I will do the 2 x 10 minutes again first, then if I am feeling alright, do a 1 x 15 minute run, and then a 15 and 5.

Based on how I feel after those runs I will decide if I want to try a full 20 minutes or a 15 and 10. I may have to repeat a few of the run times, just to get the strength built up without pushing too hard and blowing out my feet again.

My current objective is to get to 30 minutes continuous running, which should lead me to 5km. I intend to run 5km in the Bunbury Australia Day Fun Run on 26th January.

Bunbury Run

I’ve already paid for it, so it’s locked in!!

It’ll be fun – it’s my cousin’s birthday, Australia Day, and a long weekend!

Bring it on!! :)

My next potential race is a 10km in April, but I want to make sure I am treating my body right and will be absolutely ready for it before paying the entry fee.

Updates: I did build my running up to 30 minutes (though currently am working more comfortably at 25) and have been managing the Plantar Fasiciits pretty well. You may recall that I didn’t make it to my Fun Run, as I had an allergic reaction that closed closed off my chest for about three days, and I just wasn’t up for it. As it’s already March, and 5km is still my limit, I don’t think that April 10km run is in the cards, but I am slowly working on it. All in good time, right?

I think this post was popular because it was so positive! I had a race, I had a plan and I was excited! Okay, yes, I always have a plan, but my plans have often been crushed by reality, and were it not for that allergy, I would have had no problems at that 5km Fun Run! 🙂 In my heart I finished it.

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