Camping and Kayaking

This weekend Mat and I went away with E* and her family for a nice weekend of Camping and Kayaking!

Knowing that it was a long weekend, and knowing how popular our preferred spot would be, particularly on a long weekend – and not just any long weekend, but the last long weekend of summer – we knew we had to have a backup plan.

So we piled all our gear and 4.5 humans into Des (our ute) and headed off to Margaret River, where, as expected, there were no camping spaces available.

So we set up camp in the bush on Mat’s parents property.



Ironically, setting up camp a few hundred meters away from the house was far ‘rougher’ than camping at a site, where you have neighbours all around you. In this case, we really had the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere.

Mat and I did go down to the house for a few comforts each day, but E* was keen on a more authentic camping experience and stayed up at the tents more. We all ate supper together, having a big barbeque and everyone brought a little something. Very filling and yummy!

Saturday afternoon we all went out for a big paddle.

Saturday 1

We did nearly 10km!!

Saturday 2

Though, clearly, not all in a straight line! 🙂

Saturday 3

I have decided that I am going to invest in a waterproof camera (one that floats too?! Do they make those?) so that I can take pictures out on the water. It was so beautiful – we had the most incredible weather, the water was delightful. Blue skies, green trees, glassy water.

SO beautiful!

And I can’t share it with you because I don’t want to risk losing another phone in the water, and clearly, taking photos while the camera is wrapped in a plastic bag will not cut the mustard.


Sunday morning we went for a bit of a tourist drive, though I think I spent more time looking for parking and waiting at the fuel bowser than anything else. There’s so much to see and do in that region and I didn’t even get to show them the start of it!

But we did go into Margaret River, and down to the River Mouth (where they were already setting up for the Pro Surf Comp that will be on in two weeks time) and then through to Prevelly. We stopped for a few minutes at Gnarabup and got our feet wet.

20130304-131326.jpg 20130304-131312.jpg

After lunch on Sunday we went back out on the Blackwood, this time heading the opposite direction. We’ve not gone this way before.

First we went up Chapman Brook as far as we could (not very far at all), then down the Blackwood towards Augusta.

The river is much wider and quicker in this direction as it picks up speed and water heading to the ocean.

Sunday 3

We went nearly 5km this time. And that felt like a lot. Yup, arms and backs and shoulders were all telling us about it…

Sunday 2 Sunday 1

But really, it isn’t that far at all in relation to the size of the Blackwood River itself.

Just from Chapman Pool to the Augusta river mouth (Hardey Inlet) has got to be 40km or so?

How long would it take us to paddle that? Two days going steady?

Sunday 4

I certainly would love to try one day! 🙂 Add it to the list!


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