Pretty Perth

I had to travel to Perth for work on Monday night, and stayed in a hotel downtown.

Early Tuesday morning I got up for a run.

I was struck by how busy the city is at 6am. I could hear traffic starting to move around 5, but by 6 it was full-on!

And down on the foreshore it was the same.

And why wouldn’t it be?


What a glorious way to start the day! Watching the sun rise over the river…

I didn’t exactly do my 4 minutes fast run, 2 minutes walk x 2, partially because I stopped to take pictures quite often, but also because I wasn’t sure where to go to get back to my hotel…

But my run felt AMAZING!!

I wish my camera captured these beautiful scenes better, but this is the best I have…










And yay! Stairs!! 🙂 Love it!! Had a decent run up.

Should have done it twice!!

I know it was only a 15 minute run, but if sweat is any indication of how effective the run is, then this was a hum-dinger!!

Oh and look! I finally figured out how to get the picture quality up from my screen captures.

Perth 1

Look, satellite!! 🙂

I got to run through the park and down to the rowing club and back.

Perth 6

I stopped a lot for photos, but was keeping up a brisk pace when I was running.

Perth 2

Perth 3

I am happy with that Best Pace of 4:45 min/km. I actually feel like I maintained that for awhile, but my speed was too variable to see it clearly on the Timing chart.

Perth 4 Perth 5

Only 22 degrees? Felt much hotter than that, especially for 6am! Hello humidity! We don’t really have that in Katanning!

This was really my best feeling run in ages!!

Loved the feeling, loved how fast I felt! Loved the beautiful sunrise, the passing of like-minded people. It was short and sweet, but still killed an estimated 139 calories in just 15 minutes. I felt great and just a quick massage with the Magic Gypsy Wand and I was felling 100% all day!


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