Wandering Wednesday

Last week I hadn’t taken the dog for a walk or gone for run for awhile, so on Wednesday I decided to take Little Miss out for some fun.

We mostly walked, but we had a fun time, just following our noses and checking out some new trails we haven’t been down before.

Wandering Map Wandering Walk 2

Apparently it was a fairly brisk walk. I did jog a few times. And managed to burn 144 calories in just 24 minutes.

Wandering Walk 3

But check out the Best Pace: 3:57 min/km. If I could keep that speed up, that’d be over 12kph, right?


I wasn’t that fast for that long, at about 13 minutes into the walk/jog, I must have sprinted. Wandering Walk 4

See that happy bump?

That’s me going fast for a whole maybe 20 seconds. 🙂

It just goes to show that every little bit counts. A simple walk and play with the dog is great exercise and even better for the dog! It calmed her right down and made her so happy!! 🙂


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