Training Plan – Take 973

We all know I haven’t been consistent in my running.

So in an effort to be more consistent and more disciplined, I decided that I might need to run more often, rather than less.

The point:

To create a cornerstone habit. Something I simply do every day.

Like making the bed or brushing my teeth. It’s just something I do.

I know it won’t be simple and there will be slip ups, but I do intend to give it a try, so here goes change of plan #973.

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything under the sun, and I don’t think it’s wrong to keep trying until it fits! Things change, life changes, and needs change, and so should the plan!

I came across a walking plan, and thought, “you know, this could really work for running.” It’s time-based, plus some interval training, and some basic strength training.


For the record, I’m skipping the resistance exercises, even though I know they’re a good idea. At this point I’m happy with the cross-training I’m doing.

So, Monday was run #1. 25 minutes moderate pace.

Monday Run 1 Monday Run 2

3.4km in 25 minutes. Not anywhere as fast as I would like. I’d like to do 4km in 25 minutes. But I’ve also included my warm up in the time, because I am needing a longer and steadier warmup than I used to.

But a nice burn – nearly double the walk-jog of last Wednesday. 229 Calories.

(I’m not a calorie counter – I couldn’t tell you how much of my daily intake that represents or how many calories I had for lunch, but it’s fun trivia.)

Monday Run 3

I’ve found lately a certain obsession with my Best Pace, in this case 5:24 minutes per kilometre. Not too bad, though 5 minutes would be awesome!

Also, check out the Training Effect (last line). An effect of 3-4 is Improving my fitness, 4-5 is Highly improving and 5 or higher is Overreaching!Monday Run 4

I jogged and walked a bit, but mostly my splits were in the 6 minute per kilometre average, which is where I want to be to start with, eventually aiming for 5 minute kilometres – maybe! 🙂

Monday Run 5

This run was challenging but felt fine. It was just a bit of a stretch to run the whole 25 minutes when I’ve been just fluffing about on my runs.

Time to bust a move and get these runs running!!


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