Things I Want to Tell You

So, it’s been a busy few days, and as a result I have a few things I want to share with you, but will probably take a little time to organise and get posted.

  • I decided a three runs a week program wasn’t cutting it because I wasn’t doing three runs a week, and maybe I needed something a little more consistent. So I found a 6 day a week program and I started on Monday.
  • Monday I went for a run. 25 minutes steady
  • Tuesday I went for a short but tough run (4 minutes hard, 2 minutes walk x 2), all the more special because I got to run on the Perth foreshore. Pictures will be henceforthcoming!


    Spoiler alert!!

  • Today I was pretty tired from the big conference (the reason for my trip and run in Perth) and the drive and poor night sleep in a hotel room and decided to postpone my morning run to after work. And I actually went for my run. 25 minutes. Ouch!
  • I went on a sugar bender on the weekend and decided to sugar detox myself this week and did SO GOOD until today when I allowed being stressed and tired – and a small dose of temptation – to derail my plans. Mat and I had agreed that we would only enjoy treats and sometimes foods on Sundays, because we were getting a little over-indulgent with ourselves.
  • We’ll be going away for the ‘last long weekend of the summer’ this weekend. Looking forward to it! Going to be friends and fun and water and kayaking – and I might even still stick to my running schedule!

Hopefully I get a few fun – and maybe even helpful – posts out over the next few days before I head off to the bush! πŸ™‚

Chat soon! πŸ™‚


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