I don’t want hindsight


Something happened at work today, something completely unexpected and I wasn’t fully sure how to handle it. So, I did my best, and after an hour of mucking about with this situation, things were resolved.


Then went out an email explaining the situation, what I did and why, and asking the question, “What could I have done to make this situation better, easier, simpler, never happen again? What should I have done instead?”

And as soon as I hit send, the answer hit me!

“Oh duh, all I should have done is called this number and said ‘…'”

So I answered my own question and I feel like if I ever did get into that completely-random-so-unlikely-to-ever-happen-again situation, that I would, thanks to HINDSIGHT, have an answer and appropriate response.

But bloody hell, couldn’t I have had NOWsight instead of HINDsight?

An hour of my day virtually wasted, simply because I couldn’t come up with the simple answer while in the thick of the moment.

Sure, hindsight will help me out later, as I can learn from this situation and extrapolate this experience into ‘near enough’ situations to make this lesson apply…

sure yeah okay good

But having been through that situation, really, it would have been a lot easier and a better result for everyone if I could have just come up with the right answer right then!

A quick search of the internet reveals that no one has coined the word “nowsight” – they all use the traditional “insight”.


Boring I say!

My new word will surely take off.

Since there’s no such thing yet, there’s no cool graphic for NowSight. So here’s a composite graphic to get started.

now sight

NowSight – Because HindSight is completely over rated!


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