Happy Monday!

I mean it!

I hope you had a Happy Monday!

I used to chime in with the crowd: “Ugh Monday” and all that goes along with it.

Yes, it’s true, the weekend is over, and the amount of time you get to spend being ‘self-determining’ is limited by the start of the standard work-week, and that can be a downer. And there’s usually lots to do on a Monday, and admittedly, it can get a little bit ridiculous.


I don’t.
I promise!

But honestly, it’s not all bad.

Mondays, for me, are really productive, and they fly by!

Because I’ve been refreshed over the weekend, I usually find that Mondays are my best day for working out – I am most likely of all mornings to get up early on a Monday and go for a long run. I also get to do Vive and Balance on a Monday – major bonuses for me 🙂

I also get lots of stuff done. Monday I seem to be able to really hit my priorities hard, while on other days, the priorities get lost in the rabble of all the little bits of minutia that get collected over the week.

Monday I get my proverbial back on order and start eating right to compensate for the weekend’s indulgences. I am usually organised, and actually have a nice lunch packed on a Monday. There are no guarantees for any other day of the week.

Monday is sociable, as everyone brags about their weekend and chats about what was good or bad or different – and this connects us!

Monday is focused. And I find that is true for most people. We tend to jump into our week with gusto and again, get at our priorities before everything starts to melt down into a homogenous passing of the days, and our energy and speed wane as the week progresses, as we fatigue and look forward to a break of Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, Monday is a fresh start.

It’s a chance to have a DO OVER!

And though we may have to go to work to face it, the other bonus of a Monday – we’re getting paid to live through it!

So please, try to see the silver lining the next time you get to the end of your weekend, and…




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