Lake Photos!!

Thursday Shots from my afternoon off work.

It had finally cooled off nicely, and even threatened rain (it didn’t rain) but I was lovely weather for kayaking. πŸ™‚


E* and Z* having a great time! Z* was truly loving his time in the boat today!


Me in the red kayak.


The Bone Yards.


J* taking very good care of Mat’s kayak πŸ˜›


Cool old trees in the water

Ewly9 Ewly10

Saturday Photos.

J* and I went out Saturday morning for a quickie. If my Garmin had been working I reckon it would have shown us going much faster than our usual 3kph average. Even with some serious stuffing around, I think we made the whole perimeter of the lake in around 40 minutes, and I usually take 60.


Brilliant still day to go out. Great sunshine! Awesome!


My Garmin ran out of batteries. That’s never happened before, and I was so worried that the Ewly water had stuffed up my watch! But it’s fine, recharged and ready to go!


Gorgeous! Couldn’t ask for a glassier surface.


Perfect Reflections


So, J* asks, “Think I can fit through there?”


And promptly tries πŸ™‚


Nearly there!


And through!!


“Take a picture of me in those thick trees, like I’m camouflaged!”


Followed by lots of screaming and laughing as she gets stuck and covered in spider webs! Iew iew iew!! πŸ™‚

Good times!! πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Lake Photos!!

    • It really is.
      And more-so for being so unexpected where we live.
      Lake Ewly is in the middle of the bald prairies – wheat and sheep country. Super-flat and no real water around.
      Were it not for the VERY hard work of the Landcare group and keen volunteers, this would just be a stinky sludgy hole in the ground with putrid water.
      It’s bloody marvellous to have access to kayaking, boating and skiing and tubing just 15 minutes from our home.

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