Something I’ve Never Done Before

Thursday afternoon I did something I’ve never done before!

I took the afternoon off work to go do something FUN!

I have taken the afternoon off to see the doctor, the vet, to rescue a horse, to go to the bank… boring (and occassionally awful) stuff.

But I’ve never taken an afternoon off to go hang out with friends and go kayaking on a random Thursday afternoon!

I didn’t chuck a sickie or anything like that, I scheduled it off and organised staff and all that jazz, but it sure felt decadent! It was like having a weekend off in the middle of the week 🙂

J* only had Thursday off this week and hadn’t been able to join us kayaking on the weekend, so E* and Z* and J* and I all went for a spin around Lake Ewly.

It had been ridiculously hot all day, so we went out a little later than originally planned, and it had cooled off nicely with a great little breeze. A perfect way to end a VERY hot day!

And, in theory, 142 calories burned. 🙂

map1 map2 map3

J* has taken some photos, but I haven’t got copies of them yet. Looking forward to showing off our little lake soon!


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