Manic Monday

Monday was a turbo-charged kind of day.

turbo charge

I got up and went for a nearly 5km run (it’s what I was aiming for, but only got to 4.3km) in my new adizero feathers.

I didn’t have any more foot pain than usual, but it didn’t go away as quickly as usual on my run. And the darn shoes kept picking up the little gravel rocks, and I had to stop a few times to empty the stones out of my soles.

On the concrete, they were nice, as far as being light and not picking up debris, but I really felt a lot more ankle and knee pressure.

I came home a little disappointed.

I really don’t think these are going to be my long-run shoes, especially since so many of my long runs are on pavement, and I can’t wear them on the gravel because of the rocks, and that’s just so annoying!


So I decided to try them as my Vive shoes instead.

Unfortunately, I didn’t use my Magic Gypsy Wand on my feet after my run, and after doing Vive in those shoes following the run, my feet were so.frickin.sore!


To add to the difficulty, I ended up working a 13 hour day, and spent most of the night on my feet, and taught Body Balance.

Happily a good foot massage that night made my feet much happier, and in fact Balance is a super relief from shoes, too. 🙂

Monday was crazy and full-on, but it was still a good day, despite the ouchy feet.

And choosing not to blame the shoes, but the lack of massage, I tried them again Tuesday night at Vive and they felt fine.

Good! New inside shoes…

That must mean that I can buy a new pair of outside running shoes, right? 😀


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