Why Didn’t I Take Photos!?

I had a brilliant weekend.

Saturday morning E and Z and I went for a paddle on the lake. It was a bit windy to start with, but we both were feeling really strong and comfortable. Z decided that leaning over the edge of the boat and running his hand through the water was a great idea, despite the fact that it seemed more of him was *out* rather than *in* the craft πŸ™‚ After that game got pulled up by Mum, the next great game was tossing items into the water to have Mum turn around and retrieve them.

We timed it really well, as it was starting to warm up and the sun was coming out and a power boat had turned up just as we were finishing off.

I had invited another friend to join us, but due to work, she couldn’t make it, so we are hoping to head out together Thursday afternoon. Should be heaps of fun!

Sunday morning I got up bright and sun-shiney and put TK on the float and headed out to ride with J, whom I haven’t spent much time with before. She has a young horse that’s just been started and is looking for a nice quiet ride, and just different experiences with her horse.

I haven’t ridden TK once yet in 2013, so I wasn’t sure how things would go – his first time in the float in ages, first ride with a new horse in ages, first ride in a new place in ages, first ride in ages. He could have been a complete pork chop, but he was surprisingly well behaved. He loaded beautifully, was quiet when I got on, and remembered his basic manners.

Yeah, he was jittery and rushy at first. Yeah, he was a bit silly, and I had to be a bit heavy-handed at first, but he was completely manageable, and by the end of our ride, he was the typical horse I usually ride, relaxed and light reined. I rode in the last bit with my feet out of the stirrups and my hand on the buckle.

My body position could use a little touching up, and I need to re-learn the sit-to-stop position, and my knees complained at bit, since it’s been so long, but really, such a positive experience.

J’s horse is only two and has only been under saddle since December, and he was a really cool customer. She rides him in a natural-horsemanship way, with carrot stick and no bit, and no real rein contact, and despite him testing a few things, he was really well behaved. I was really impressed with the work she and her trainers have done with him.

It was really fun, and I expect we’ll try to ride together as often as possible!

But I was having so much fun with my friends that I didn’t even think to take a photo. Silly me!

So instead, here’s a generic photo of a kayak and a horse.

Now that’s not something you see every day. πŸ™‚

The rest of the weekend was generic dishes-laundry-blah and a bit of Body Vive and Body Balance practice, an afternoon nap or two, and that was plenty πŸ™‚

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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