One of Three

This morning I did a short run (2.3km) in my new shoes (the ones on the far right).

My next run will be a medium distance 3-4km in my favourite shoes (middle), and the next will be a long (5km) in my marshmallow softie shoes (left).

(I can’t wait until 5km is my short run and 10 is my long. Is that weird?)


Next week I will do the same thing, but in reverse, just to see how each of the shoes feel in different scenarios.

Do I go with more support on a longer run or after a series of runs, or the other way around?

This morning’s run was pretty cruisy. I think I took about 15 minutes, walked a few minutes to get warmed up, and didn’t even bother to check my time or speed.

As always, my feet hurt as I got started, but warmed up and felt okay.  Nothing special to report. On a short run, the new shoes are perfectly fine.

I don’t think I’ll have buyers remorse with these ones like I did with my marshmallow shoes. They were a half-size too large, and though I loved them at first, after I did 10km too fast and too soon and destroyed my feet in them… well, there’s a bit of a sour spot left when it comes to those shoes, though really, I can’t blame the shoes.

Hope you’re having a good week and keeping active!! 🙂


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