Test Run

I bought new shoes today.

They weren’t the ones I was planning on getting, but they were actually really comfortable, and so light! And at $85 they were a bargain I couldn’t resist!

They are adidas adizero Feathers.

They are not ‘true’ minimalist shoes, but they’ve got a lower heel than most of the shoe choices I had to pick from, and that seems to be a key point for my foot comfort.

They felt really good straight away, and are one of the three minimal choices our little shop had available. I liked all three pairs I tried on, but I felt like going for a run straight away in these ones.


So I did!

I came home, and after changing the laces to nice thick laces, not the lame wimpy skinny ones they came with, Little Miss and I went for a short run around the race track.

My foot was already a little tender from spending all day in my work shoes and being on my feet, so I was a little worried they might not feel so good after a run.

But as we went around I found that the discomfort in my foot didn’t change; it didn’t get better or worse, and that seemed like mostly a positive. It made me think that the shoes were pretty neutral and not really affecting my feet one way or the other.

The heel seems quite stiff after so many years on ‘squishy’ heels, and I definitely had more contact with the balls of my feet, feeling a lot more of the imperfections of the road.


I also had a little jog along the bitumen and didn’t find the impact particularly sharp, but the deep soles collected small rocks and I had to stop to pick them out because I could really feel the bumps in the soles of my feet.

Overall, they seem like they’ll be a good addition to my shoe collection.

I plan to try a little rotation of shoes, with my super cushy, medium and these minimalist shoes in the mix. I am hoping to discover a good balance of comfort and foot strength.

Now, best to get my butt running again!

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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