There Ain’t No Cure

For the summertime blues!!

Mat made sure we got away every weekend in January. We needed it, we earned it, and we really weren’t going to get another chance to get away once February hit and everything got ‘back to normal’.

Normal being busy and working all the damn time.

So we got away, and this last weekend was a LONG weekend!

Three blissful days (save for the allergic reaction and a wasp sting on the finger) and it was really really nice.

As we were driving home Monday evening, what started out as a trip with a happy vibe ended up with me feeling totally depressed and in a complete funk. My internal chatter had me divorced, quitting my job, slashing my wrists, wallowing in pity, picking up stakes and just leaving it all behind. (I exaggerate somewhat for effect.)

I thought something was honestly wrong with me! I was like “Woah, Do I need medication or something?”

And I’ve had a bit of trouble getting back in the swing of things, and haven’t run yet. Tuesday morning was a write off just because I didn’t want to get up, and I didn’t want to face ‘reality’.

But then when I got back to work on Tuesday morning, I realised everyone was sort of in the same funk. We all lit up a bit when we chatted about the weekend that had passed, but it was subdued.

And in a strange way I was grateful that I wasn’t alone in feeling like summer’s over and all the fun is gone. I wasn’t the only one who was sad about it.

Misery loves company?

More like I am just glad to find out I am a little more normal than I thought 🙂

Today was a little better.

Although I went to bed on Tuesday night excited about getting up for a 5km run this morning, it just didn’t eventuate, but I had a great swim (more of a splash and play, I didn’t really ‘swim’) and tonight is Balance, and Balance is usually a great way for me to hit the RESET button on my bum moods.

I read somewhere that if you are feeling down (and even if you’re not) you should schedule things to look forward to.

I have a trip to Canada in July-August, but that’s way too far away to impact my happiness now. So here’s some little things, close to home that I can look forward to:

  • Cleaning my house. My kitchen is overdue for a deep clean, and my floors need to be steam mopped.
  • Washing my car. I am not sure that purple mulberry stained bird poop is good for white paint and I really do want to get it off my car 🙂
  • Gardening. Mowing the lawn. Putting the seedlings out into the beds finally. Poor things…
  • Riding my horse. I have barely spoken to my boys this month.
  • Visiting with local friends here and now and doing something fun with them on the weekend.

Not glamorous, but oddly satisfying to get to those little things I’ve neglected. I am also looking at the calendar for dates for Rogaines, more kayaking, endurance rides, and runs, so I should have something super-fun to look forward to soon! 🙂

With summer almost over here, I am sure many of my friends from the north are looking forward to the end of winter. I don’t envy you at all, and I really hope you have something great to look forward to to bring you closer to the spring with a happy face.

What’s on your looking-forward-to-it list?


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