A Leisurely Paddle

Thursday was a big day.

Not only did I run 4.6km before work, I also taught Vive, and then after work, Mat and I scooted down to the Lake to paddle with E and Z!

I finally remembered to bring my Garmin with me!! YAY!

Here’s our map. It started out a bit windy so we headed across the lake so we could paddle home in the shelter of the shore, but it calmed down considerably once we made it to the other side. Whether the winds dropped or it was just more sheltered, I’m not 100% sure, but it was beautiful and peaceful.

We zig-zagged through the bone yards (dead trees in the lake) and just floated along. Very leisurely.

Instant Better after a day that was hectic for everyone there.


It was a lovely hour. Bliss.


We certainly didn’t worry about going fast or far, though I did try to get my speed up just for fun near the end, but the best I could do was 7.4kph. That was over just a few hundred meters, maybe.

I’ll be sure to have my Garmin on all weekend. We hope to go kayaking down the Blackwood again. Far out that’s beautiful. I need a water proof floating case for my phone or camera so I can take photos of it!

Anyway, we’re off for the weekend!

Hope you have a wonderful Australia Day Long Weekend if you are fourtunate enough to celebrate it!


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