Almost There

There are two reasons why I haven’t written in the last couple of days.

Both are because I am really really busy! 😉

But, in a good way. My days are really full of good stuff.

Running, cleaning, working, organising, cooking, classes, and kayaking!

Earlier this week I ran 4km and it was easy done – 25 minutes, done and dusted, thank you very much.

This morning I planned to run 4.5km, but when I first headed out I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.

My left foot hurt – ALOT!!

Now, it often hurts when I first get started in the morning, even with good frequent massaging. It’s just part of having PF – you have sore feet in the morning, and then they get better as you warm up and get moving, if you’re lucky.

So I generally do start my run on a tender heel, and then it gets better, but this was BAD and I wasn’t sure it was going to go away, and I didn’t want to push my body to do this little 4.5 and hurt myself prior to the 5km run on Saturday. That seemed like a dumb thing to do.

So this morning I gave myself permission to pull out if I didn’t feel better at the 1km mark.

And thankfully I did feel better at 1km.

And I felt even better when I came home at 4.6km in 29 minutes 29 seconds!


That’s so good!

I mean, I used to run a steady 30 minute 5km run – 28 when I was going well (I have never seemed to be able to get close to that 25 minute 5k, but whatever) and I feel like I’m really close to being back at that pace now.

This run was mostly on bitumen (asphalt/pavement) and I could definitely tell the difference in my knees after having done most of my training runs on gravel or hard packed sand tracks. This time I ran about 3km on hard ground.

I never used to think the surface you run on made much of a difference on the level of impact.

Clearly, it does!

Though I must say there is a benefit of running on even ground, of nice clean contact with the road, no rolling or sinking or slipping out from underneath you as you move on sand or gravel. I think it makes me feel faster 🙂

Of course, running ‘off road’ is great for strengthening legs and feet, and I am going to make sure I continue to do it because it is highly recommended for managing PF, and besides, it’s a lot of fun too!

Big race day, two sleeps away!!


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