Countdown to 5ks

Next Saturday I am going to run a 5km fun run in Bunbury. I’m looking forward to it and am feeling really quite prepared.
I have been much more consistent with my running, going out every other day.
Some of the runs have had to be a bit shorter than my planned run time or distance (like, one day was so hot and humid that 15 minutes felt like a marathon effort and I called it quits early) but I am still confident I am on-track for 5km next week.
In fact, my last two runs have been really good. You know when things start to get easier and be one a lot more fun? I’m pleased to say I am feeling like that about running again!
My Thursday run was 3.5km all up and I ran it continuous. No walking breaks. Although I have been working in 5 and 10 minute run blocks with a 1-2 minute walk break, on Thursday I just didn’t feel I needed it. It was very comfortable and my feet didn’t hurt during the run at all. A good massage with the Magic Gypsy Wand morning and night certainly helped too!
Today’s run was just over 4km and had about 3 walk breaks because I’m not so strong at the hills yet and there are a few toughies out here!
Still, I was happy with the distance and time (about 26 minutes I think) and how I felt afterwards.
And really, when running feels good while you do it and you keep on feeling good when you’re done – well, that’s pretty much all you can ask for.
Will keep this short as I am posting from my phone. Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!!


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