It’s a Slippery Slope

On January 1st I started a Diet Reset, and really worked hard to eat healthy and reclaim a more natural way of eating after weeks of sugar-induced holiday feasting.

I spent time pre-slicing veggies and cleaning and prepping fruit so I always had healthy snacks on hand. I cooked a basic evening meal (protein and veggies) with enough leftovers to make a nice lunch the next day. I stuck fast to my “two slices of bread a day” rule, sometimes even having only 1 or NO pieces, and hadn’t added sugar to anything… and all was going really well.

But it takes commitment and discipline and maintenance to keep this up. So, when we went away last weekend, we packed up our healthy snacks and headed off. We ate well over the weekend, but got home very late Sunday night. We were exhausted and slept late Monday morning. And I had three late nights at work in a row.

So what happened then?


I didn’t have prepped veggies. I didn’t get to the grocery store for a top-up of fruit and veg until Tuesday so I didn’t have good stuff on hand.

So I ate out. I had lots of toast. I had poor lunches and snacks. I ate chocolate. I ate a Spinach and Ricotta Roll (actually, I had two that week!), and it was readily apparent that it was a slippery slope to falling back into sloppy eating habits. Those convenience foods are easy, tasty, and unfortunately, in my case with chocolate, eating a little often leads to eating a lot.

I felt several steps behind and it took a good deal of effort to put myself back on track this week, and I’m still not quite there! Partially because doing all that good stuff seems hard in the face of the easier alternatives.

But I am making progress: I have the veggies prepped again, and will focus on being organised for evening meals once more, so that my lunches are once again sensible.

Here’s hoping I can regain my discipline and keep eating the way that makes me feel best, keeps my weight in check, and I don’t gain the 2kg I lost back simply because I do what’s easy!

Here’s to climbing back up the slide and not taking the easy ride down!!



2 responses to “It’s a Slippery Slope

    • Of course you can borrow it 🙂 I hope you find it really helpful!
      I’m at my in-laws this weekend and struggling to stick to clean eating. So many temptations! It’s tough to be “good” when you love good food!

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