A Sunburn’s Not All Bad

Even one that looks this bad:


Because it’s a sign that you were enjoying yourself so much you forgot about self-preservation.

No, really, it’s a good thing, kinda.


Saturday we loaded up the kayaks onto the roof rack, which had to be modified – it wasn’t designed for Des (our ute) and we couldn’t open the back doors. This delayed our getaway on Saturday till much later than we had hoped. But we got away and headed to Margaret River for the weekend!


Due to our later than planned arrival Saturday, we didn’t get onto the water until Sunday. We decided to go ‘just for an hour’ and test out the new kayaks.

As I have recently had the poor fortune of dropping my phone into the water, I didn’t take my phone with me to take pictures, but I did snap a few shots from the banks, a safe distance away from the water.

We set in near the Warner Glen Bridge and our ‘hour’ turned into four without even noticing.


It was so beautiful out on the water.

Our kayaks are awesome!


It was peaceful and quiet, and the water was so clear!

Mat and I went for a little swim afterwards, to cool off. Positively wonderful!

A day later, my burn is starting to cool down a little, and I promise I won’t be so careless in the future. Yikes that hurts!!


Our kayaks are really awesome!

We got a great deal on them from Canoeing Down Under in Perth. We were going to go Gum Tree and buy second hand, but the price difference between new and used was less than $100 and we would have saved that in fuel the way things came together.

If you’re in the market for a Canoe or Kayak or Surf Ski in WA, I highly recommend these guys. They have an incredible selection.

We bought a Spirit CTR Cross Trainer and we are delighted with them (not that we have a huge amount of kayaking experience), but we found them light enough to handle, stable in the water, easy to manoeuvre (we got so good we could pivot them right on the spot), and they were fun!

We are both excited about them and are making Kayaking Play Dates all over the place 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying whatever you are up to! 🙂


2 responses to “A Sunburn’s Not All Bad

    • It was awesome, but still, could have probably done with out the ridiculous burn! LOL 🙂
      I don’t miss the cold and wintry weather of the Great White North, that’s for sure!

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