Side Effects of the Diet Reset


1) I discovered that nuts really aren’t great for me, despite my love for them. And oh how I love them!! They have become my “only very occasionally treat” now.

2) I can live quite healthily without carbs. Carbs are tasty and easy and a cheat, but fruit, veg and protein are awesome and really all I need to feel good.

3) I apparently can’t live without bananas πŸ˜›

4) A little bit of preparation goes a long way to make sure you snack on fruit and veg and not reach for a muesli bar or slice of toast. I just spent a few minutes every couple of days rinsing and chopping vegetables into nice slices or snack bites and both Mat and I went for those instead of our usual ‘easy’ alternatives.

5) Lettuce is boring. I have been making myself salads for lunch and mostly eat all the other goodies out of the salad and leave most of the lettuce. Less lettuce, more everything else. πŸ™‚

6) I get really hungry around 10am and 3pm. REALLY REALLY REALLY hungry.

7) It is far too easy for me to over-eat carbs. I don’t think they’re really ‘bad’ or upset my stomach in any way, but I seem to have about double what I should. They just taste SO good. For that reason, I need to find a way to manage my carb intake, because it is not doubt responsible for my ‘protective layer of body fat’ πŸ™‚

8) Quiet weekends at home continue to be my undoing. “Let’s bake a banana cake” “Let’s barbecue all these potatoes” “Let’s have fish and chips” and so on. When I have time, I eat. When I am busy, I eat far less.

9) Dairy isn’t actually all that good for me. I am going to miss ice cream.


10) I need to continue to focus on making good choices and developing new habits around food. Prepping veggies and fruit for snacks and building healthy meals is something I can do, but tend not to, so will need to keep paying attention until the new habit is formed.


2 responses to “Side Effects of the Diet Reset

  1. The prepping veggies and fruit is key, and having a few early in the morning works best, having some prepared in the fridge where I can just reach in and grab a few berries or cut-up fruit as I walk by. It’s the ease and visibility thing.

    • That very thing has made a world of difference for me!
      I am still (3 days after my reset) chosing the fruits and veggies before anything else.
      Unfortunately, Mat isn’t always making that choice, and has gone for some of the less healthy snacks instead.
      So I guess while having them ready and available makes it easier, it’s still a conscious choice to have them instead of junk.

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