Day Six – Milk and Honey

Today I got to add dairy back in, and really, it was a non-event.

I had a cup of tea and milk and yep, as suspected, not good for me. Instant squidgy feeling.

What? Squidgy is so a word! 🙂

I am a big fan of cheese, but wasn’t so excited about adding it back in that I had some early on.

I got up early, and thanks to eating a second helping of potato salad before bed, I wasn’t really hungry right away. So I did some Vive and Balance training first, and then decided on just a banana. But the bananas have suffered in this heat and were terribly over-ripe. So I decided I better use up those bananas and make some Banana Bread. And since I had the oven on, and since I had all the ingredients, I thought I would try to whip up the Gluten Free Museli Slice I wanted to try (gluten free, but certainly not sugar-free, but oh well), and a loaf of bread since we had only a crust of bread left after I broke down and had one slice of plain toast with butter.

Finally! At about 10am, I had some breakfast in me!


I swear, Mat ate 90% of that!

I took some fruit and veg for snacks to work, as I had a session of Balance training (needed to do two tracks twice to nail the timing and instructing out loud – talking makes a huge difference to how things come together) followed by Vive training at 2pm. All done and dusted by 3:30pm and really, I think Monday is going to be a great day! Lots of fun!

Early morning measurements:

  • Weight: 70.9kg
  • Chest: 92.4cm
  • Waist: 83.5
  • Hips: 103cm (up a cm!?)
  • Thighs: 64 (also up!)
  • Damn you carbs!!

Food Eaten Today:

  • About half a banana
  • Piece of toast with butter
  • A few grapes, a few strawberries, and a few veggeis
  • Very small piece of banana bread (it’s good) and 2 small pieces of Slice (good, but it didn’t set, it stayed kind of crumbly/doughy)
  • Rice, tuna and veggies
  • Strawberries and Ice Cream (it’s dairy, right 😉 )

Exercise For Today:

  • Balance tracks for about an hour
  • Vive tracks for about 40 minutes
  • Balance training for about 1 hour
  • More Vive practice for about 20 minutes
  • Move Vive practice for about an hour

Pretty bloody good if you ask me! 🙂


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