Day Five – Running With The Big Dogs

When Little Miss came to us, I was actually looking for a big dog.

You know, a German Shepherd type dog, that could run with me. I had an image of me and this big animal jogging alongside me.

But we ended up with a Chihuahua no more than three apples tall.


I was disappointed. Really, she wasn’t going to be a running companion at all.

And yet, this tiny little bundle of energy not only keeps up with me on my runs, she outruns me every time! She is on a 5 metre retractable lead and she zips in crazy zig-zags to and fro all over the place, and other than *really* needing a drink when we come in, she isn’t worn out and wants me to throw the ball when we get home.


Can’t we just sit down for a minute and rest!?

I am going to attach my Garmin to her on our next run and see what she actually does 🙂

This morning’s measurements:

  • Weight: 70.3
  • Chest: 92.3cm
  • Waist: 83cm
  • Hips: 103cm
  • Thighs: 63cm

Today’s exercise:

  • Run 3.33km – My longest run since the 4km run back in December that made me realise I was pushing too hard and too fast to get to the 5km mark, and have had to rebuild. The next closest run was 3.1km during the Christmas break in Margs, and I had trouble with my feet for what seemed like weeks
  • Body Vive – full class to make sure I can follow along and not look incompetent at Monday’s launch
  • Then I hit the deck. I crashed. It got too hot and I couldn’t find any energy.
  • Once it cooled off and I got some food in my belly I did more Vive and Balance training

Today’s eats:

  • Toast with peanut butter, honey and banana (Old habits die hard. It’s my favourite breakfast)
  • Snacks: grapes, celery sticks, broccoli florets, bread with peanut butter and jam
  • Lunch: wrap with beans and lettuce
  • Dinner: hot potato salad with Chorizo sausage and a lovely garden salad

I’m delighted to have carbs back in my life. They are the glue that holds my food together 🙂

However, I am going to have to be very conscious of keeping the fruit and veg intake up. Taking the time to chop veggies into snack-sized pieces has made a world of difference to my snacking habits. Chopped up, they are an easy go-to munchie snack, and having them ready in the fridge has meant I haven’t reached for biscuits or other sugary snacks since I started this challenge.

Tomorrow I add dairy back in. I have a sneaking suspicion that milky tea is not good for me, and might be another thing I have to pull out of my regular eating pattern.

I also have Balance and Vive training with the girls so we can launch on Monday. I feel grossly under-prepared, and terribly fuzzy on all my tracks. It could just be the heat. I am sure I will get it all learned as per usual 🙂

How have you been? Have you been sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals/Challenges/Intentions/Plans/Lifestyle changes? How is 2013 treating you?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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