I liked this Infographic and thought I would share 🙂

We Shall Have Pie


I’m not one to make resolutions cause they never workout for me. So this year I decided to make commitments! I got the idea from Commitmentday.com.

Here goes, I commit to:

– Getting a Fitness Assessment.

I have a free Fitness Assessment with a personal trainer at World Health Club that I haven’t used yet. This would be a great way to measure my improvement over the next year.

– Trying Crossfit at least once

As you know, Jenny and I are huge fans of Spartan Races and would love to try a Super Spartan this year and crossfit would get me ready for that.

– Sweating more

I’m not a sweater, I am more of a glistener 🙂 Which makes me think I’m not pushing myself as hard as I possibly can. So this year I’m going to change that!

– Running 25k for fun

Somedays I feel like the…

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