Day Two – Back to Work

Did I mention that I dropped my phone in the Lake a few days ago?

Very unfortunate because there were some awesome photos on it of the pups at the Lake. But despite drying out for nearly three days, and being able to turn back on, it simply would not boot. The boys down at Retravision told me it was toast. 😦

So, wowsa, go work, they replaced my phone with an iPhone! Not a bad start to the New Year and back at work 🙂


I must get a protective cover for it straight away!

Today was meant to be just veggies, but I cheated. I ate mostly vegetables, but also had a banana and handful of nuts, and some chicken for dinner. I did resist ice cream, Cherry Ripe Slice and whatever else was on offer.

If the point is to reset to a more normal way of eating, I do feel like I’m doing a good job of that. Just not doing so good at being completely restrictive.

I also went for a short run – 12 minutes, 1.8km. I was a little slower than I usually am for two reasons:

  1. It was really hot really early. Though the day didn’t get nearly as hot as the last few (40 plus for three days) it was still cooking at 6am
  2. It was 6am and it isn’t my highest energy point of the day. But it really is the only practical time these days to get a run in, so that’s when I will run.

Day Two early morning measurements:

  • Weight 71.4
  • Chest 95.5
  • Waist 84.2
  • Hips 101
  • Thighs 63

Look, it’s already making a difference!


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