New Years Day & My Diet Reset

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve.

Spent most of the day hiding indoors away from the heat, and then from 4-5:30ish we went to the Lake with E and her family and enjoyed the waters and her kayak.

SAM_8265 SAM_8266 SAM_8267

Then back to E’s place for a BBQ dinner and a few games of pool, and home and in bed before 11.

Staying up till midnight just doesn’t do it for me anymore …

Today was a quiet day as well. Laundry, hiding from the heat, and a quick walk of the dogs when the heat broke.

But the big thing for me is my Diet Reset, which I started today.

I ate a lot over the holidays, so I planned to reset my stomach and taste buds to a more ‘normal’ way of eating.


My Diet Reset plan is:

  • Day 1 – Clear liquids only: water, herbal teas
  • Day 2 – Vegetables
  • Day 3 – Protein
  • Day 4 – Fruits
  • Day 5 – Low GI Carbs
  • Day 6 – Dairy
  • Day 7 – Everything else

The plan is to add in each food group each day.

I expected Day 1 and 2 to be challenging, but I had no idea how hard I would find day one!

I am so accustomed to being ‘full’ that any amount of emptiness feels uncomfortable.

In fact, I ate quite a bit today (probably somewhere close to a ‘proper’ amount of food/calories for a day for me).

At 10am I had some potato salad Mat made, and by 12 I was after more. I didn’t have more, so I was pleased with the self-control I showed when offered lunch at T&Es. Especially since it was croissants, and I do love croissants 🙂

But by 2:30 I was feeling grumpy due to being ‘not satisfied’ and had two handfuls of nuts, and once again, felt ‘normal’. But then at more potato salad at 5!

That’s a lot of food on a fasting day!

Clearly, the ‘Reset’ is needed, because my body thinks it needs to be ‘full’, not just nourished or satisfied.

I also found I ended up with a headache, and clearly not from lack of hydration (I drank several litres of water today) but likely from caffeine withdrawal.

Mentally, even more than physically, I need to manage my cravings and appetite, and put things back into perspective.

I distracted myself as much as possible today. I started to put together a jig saw puzzle with my aunt, and I did some tapestry… I’m not so skilled at the sewing business, but it’s a good distraction when I don’t feel mentally alert enough to absorb reading materials.

But to really be in charge of what I’m eating I need to work on asking myself:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Do I really need this much?

This morning I measured and weighed myself:

  • Weight: 72.4kg
  • Chest: 92cm
  • Waist: 84.4cm
  • Hips: 102.5cm
  • Thighs: 64cm

Clearly, weight loss is another good reason for doing this Reset (even if day one has been an overall fail).

I’m off to chop up veggies for day two.

Tomorrow we’re back to work, so I will bring some nuts again, just in case I get crazy hungry again. I don’t want to end up eating junk food simply because it is available and I am feeling grumpy!

Hope you had a good start to your new year and that whatever plans you have made you are working towards them with a positive mindset!


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